Woodworking Plans – 21 Awesome Free Plans for Beginners



Woodworking has a long list of benefits for homeowners. First, you can make everything cheaper than you can buy it at the store. This cost-effective method of redecorating your house will help your home look nicer, and you don’t have to break the bank for an expensive bench for your garden.

It will also give you the opportunity to teach your children a skill that will last a lifetime. As they learn how to make bevel cuts, they will learn about how to make their own one of a kind tables, benches, wall art and more. These life lessons can turn into a profitable job when they are older, or it can give them a nice hobby to help them work through the frustrations of being a teen.

Last, and most important, you will be forming life long memories with your family. Years from now, everyone will sit around the dinner table and laugh at the time that the shed almost fell over because someone forgot to anchor it down, or the time that someone accidently hit their thumb with a hammer.

Those memories are things that can never be bought, and they can never be taken away. By taking the steps to get interesting in woodworking, you are making a life change that will benefit your entire family, from the time that you spend together to the extra money that you will have in the bank.

1. Make a Shed

These DIY plans to make a shed are both easy to read, and easy to build. You’ll finally have somewhere to store everything on your cluttered back porch, or to create the workshop of your dreams. This is something that the entire family can build, and enjoy, together.

2. Build Some Bookshelves

Image by sitetitle

These classic floor to ceiling bookshelves have instant appeal. They are more than just another shelf to store your books, they are the key to adding a classic look to any home. If you have always wanted a home library, now is the time to start. These plans are so detailed the most inexperienced novice can follow them.

3. Build a Bench

Image by Instructables

Building a bench is one of the easiest DIY woodworking projects. It is the perfect way to add ample seating to a small area, or to make your garden look nice and cozy. The writers over at instructables.com wrote the easiest instructions for building a bench. The drawings are perfect, and the result will be adorable.

4. Add More Storage to Your Shed with These Shelves

Image by Home Guides

Sheds are designed to give you more storage space, but there is a universal agreement among shed owners that sheds need to provide more storage. They need more shelves, and peg boards. These shelves also need to be easy to build.

After spending so long building a shed, no one wants to spend a week putting together shelves for their new shed. Thanks to this article we found on homeguides.com, you won’t have to.

5. Create a Wooden Dollhouse

Image by iscahstar

Creating your own dollhouse can save you hundreds of dollars, and it is the perfect way to get your little princess involved in wood working. She’ll enjoy being able to decide how big the rooms are, and she’ll learn the basics of woodworking. This easy tutorial on YouTube will show you everything that you need to know to build your own dollhouse. Check it out here.

6. Table Hockey Game

Image by MINWAX

If you’re looking for something to do with the kids that doesn’t involve a screen, table hockey is the perfect thing to add to family night. These instructions give you a complete list of the materials that you need, and they’re surprisingly easy to follow.

7. A DIY Round Shelf

Image by DECOIST

Circular shelves are one of the hottest trends. They’ve been popular for a couple of years now, and we don’t see them going out of style anytime soon. If you want an easy DIY project, this one is it. You’ll only need a few supplies, it’s affordable, and the instructions we found at Decoist make it easier than you would think. Read them now before you get started.

8. Floating Nightstand

Image by HOMEDIT

A floating nightstand instantly adds a modern look to any room. These lightweight shelves are the perfect place to put your alarm clock, charge your phones, or hold a plant. Check out these easy to use instructions here.

9. Simple X Table

From Sarah M. Designs, you have one of the simplest, and cutest, outdoor tables. Use these instructions to add some style to your outdoor patio, or your yard. This can be used as a nice end table, or to add a decorative touch anywhere in the house.

10. Wooden spoons

Homeowners enjoy this project because it teaches younger children how to work with wood, and it doesn’t involve any power tools. You will wind up with gorgeous wooden spoons that coordinate perfectly with the rest of the wood in your kitchen. Learn how to make your own wooden spoons here.

11. DIY Orbit Mirror

Image by Brit

Mirrors are popular when it comes to wooden décor, and the geniuses behind Brit and Co. are about to show you how to make your own mirror, saving you thousands of dollars. It looks identical to the designer version, but will only be a fraction of the cost. Learn how to here.

12. Pendant Lights

Lighting doesn’t have to be boring and functional. Instead, add a bit of class with these easy DIY pendant lights from vintage revivals. Then, add some color for the ultimate chic look with some spray paint or glitter.

13. Wooden Photos

Transferring your photos onto some gorgeous wood adds a rustic, country look that is also chic and stylish. The wood will give your pictures an eye catching three-dimensional look that everyone will notice. Check the tutorial from apartment therapy to learn how to do this now.

14. Chevron Outdoor Wall Art

Image by Home Depot

We fell in love with this as soon as they said chevron and wall art in the same sentence. This wood art idea from Home Depot will look impressive in a rustic living room, and you have the option to hang it outside. Just because a patio is outside doesn’t mean that it must look boring and bleak.

15. Wooden Bangles

Image by Kollabora

If you love the look of wood, why not accessorize with it? You can pick up some wooden bangles or make them from wood that you already have. Then, let the experts over at Kollabora show you how to make them look stunning in this article.

16. Adorable Horseshoe Candle Holder

If you love that country look, this adorable horseshoe candle holder is going to look perfect on your mantle. The horseshoes add a country appeal, and making the candle holder is unbelievably easy. Check out how thanks to Country Living.

17. Wooden Arrows

This article by Cherished Bliss is about to give you a lesson in minimalist woodwork that you will be forever grateful for. If you have a tribal theme or just want to get the kids interested in a nice woodworking project, this one is easy to do, and it looks great when you’re finished.

18. Wine Rack

Need somewhere to store your wine? Love the look of wood? A wine rack made from a plank of wood is right up your alley. This one by Camille Styles is easy to make, and you’re guaranteed to get at least one compliment from guests as soon as they see it.

19. Wine Caddy

Image by Shanty-2-Chic

If a wine rack isn’t up your alley, but you still need somewhere to store your wine, check out this wine caddy from Shanty2chic. It looks adorable, and there is plenty of space for a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Use it as a nice centrepiece or take it with you on a romantic picnic.

20. LOVE blocks

This is a bit craftier than woodworking, but we fell in love with it and knew that you would too. These blocks are easy to make, and they’ll last until you’re tired of them. Check out this tutorial from Stories By Me to learn how to make the perfect décor for your home.

21. Candy Corn Blocks

Image by Dejavu Crafts

There’s something about fall that instantly seems to say rustic, so there’s no better way to use old wood than to make some fall décor! Déjà vu Crafts will show you how to make the perfect candy corn blocks for your dining room or your lawn.

Woodworking is a fun way to add some creativity to your living space, get the family together, and to save some money. Theirs is no downside to wood working. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, how much money you have or what style your home is, there is something on this list that you are going to love.

The circular shelf will look amazing in a modern home, and the horseshoe candleholder will impress guests in a home with rustic décor. Browse through the ideas to find the perfect DIY woodworking project for your family to do this weekend.


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