Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families



Are your kids glued to the TV all day? We know its no good to let kids stare at their screens all day, but sometimes it’s tough to find alternatives. The fact is that violent video games and TV desensitize kids to violence and contribute to the increasing problem of childhood obesity. Most people agree that children should do other things than sit in front of a screen.

Most parents struggle with ideas to get their kids out of the house. Some kids simply don’t like sports, or they have a medical condition that prohibits them from participating. So what is the answer? There are many alternatives to TV, but today we’re going to talk about just one: Woodworking.

Woodworking Projects for Kids and Families

When woodworking is suggested, kids are often intrigued by the idea of working with tools, and this is a great way for the entire family to spend time together. Most children are a bit cautious when it comes to woodworking, but they later find that they enjoy this as a hobby.

These awesome woodworking DIY ideas are great for bringing families together.

1. Simple Boxes

1 1 - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Making a box is the perfect project for a child that has never worked with wood before. The adults can cut the wood to size, and then the children can carefully glue the pieces together to form a box. Then, simply put on some hinges and the wood that will be used for the lid.

You can make this little bit more fun by taking the time to paint the wood or by picking up some stickers so that children can give their boxes some personality.

This simple woodworking project for kids can be completed in an hour or two, making it the perfect choice for busy moms and dads that have limited family time.

2. Crayon Holder

2 1 - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

This is an adorable woodworking project and the perfect choice for little hands. First, make a block of wood. You can do this by purchasing a block of wood or by gluing together a few smaller pieces of wood.

There are no size recommendations for this project. All you have to do is measure out the space where the crayon holder will sit, and then get started.

After you have a nice block of wood, use some basic power tools to drill little crayon-sized holes into the block of wood.

Next, you can put on a fresh coat of paint and put all your kid’s crayons inside. The result is a funny little crayon holder that will help your child stay organized.

3. Bird House

3 1 - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

When it comes to woodworking projects, this one is a classic. We all remember making our first birdhouse for our parents in shop class. Now it’s time to continue the tradition!

Any kid can help complete this project if mom and dad are the ones to cut the wood. The internet is full of plans for making birdhouses. Simply pick one and get started cutting the wood.

After that, you glue it all together (this is the part for the kids) and hang it in your yard for everyone to see. Your kids will love seeing their hard work on display in the yard, and you will enjoy a nice afternoon with the kids.

If you have a younger daughter, you can twist this idea into a fairy house. All you need to do is call it a fairy house, and make sure that the roof can be lifted off. Then, she can make her own furniture, rugs, etc. for all of her fairy friends.

Customize this idea however you want so that your kids love the result and develop a lifelong love of woodworking.

4. Picture frame

4 1 - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Picture frames are one of the easiest things to build, and a perfect choice if your child is just learning how to cut wood.

Decide on the size of the picture frame, and then pick up some thin wood. After that, show your son or daughter how to measure the wood so that the cuts will line up perfectly, and teach them how to use the saw.

After the wood is cut, all you do is glue it together. Wood glues like Gorilla Glue work exceptionally well for gluing together wood, and they will hold for a long time.

If your child is younger, they can help with the glue after mom and dad have finished cutting the wood.

After the pieces are glued together, apply a fresh coat of stain or paint to guarantee that these picture frames coordinate perfectly with the rest of the house.

How you complete the back of the picture frame is up to you. We’ve seen some people that want to include little notches to insert glass just like the professionals do, but we’ve also seen people use a piece of card stock and staple it to the wood. Finish this project however best suits you and your children.

5. Ladder

5 1 - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Making a ladder is easy, and it’s something that the kids can play with after they’re done. You can add some variety into this project depending on the age of the child that you’re working with.

To start, you’ll need two of the same sized pieces of wood for the sides. You’ll also need several smaller pieces of wood that will work for the rungs of the ladder.

If you want to paint or stain the wood, you should do this before putting the ladder together.

After that, they can be nailed together using small, short nails. Make sure that the nails do not poke through to the other side of the wood to prevent cuts and scrapes.

Gorilla glue will also hold it all together.

Once the ladder is put together, it’s time to put on the final touches. Sand down any sharp edges, and it’s time for your baby to enjoy the ladder they just made.

You can set the ladder up against your Christmas tree for an adorable holiday conversation piece, or they can use it for their new fairy house. The possibilities are only limited by your child’s imagination.

6. Abstract Art

6a - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Abstract art is one of the best project ideas for children that are so creative they never want to follow the directions.

Get pieces of wood that are all different sizes and shapes, some paint, glue, nails, and a hammer. Then, let them go to work creating their own wooden sculpture.

Your only part in this project is to step in if they need help holding something.

If your child loves things like building blocks, drawing, and painting, they will love this woodworking project.

7. Busy Boards

7a - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Busy boards are a great way to keep those busy toddler hands out of trouble. This is also the perfect opportunity to get an older sibling more involved with their younger brother or sister or to spend some one on one time with your older children.

Busy boards is a simple DIY craft that any child of any age can do. Get a piece of wood, and then sand down any rough edges.

After that, screw on different locks and switches that toddler will love to play with. Here are some examples of things you can add to your busy board:

  • A light switch
  • Door locks
  • Doorknobs
  • A string with a wooden stick on the end (to hit the busy board with and make noise)
  • Different types of locks
  • A Velcro area with letters that have Velcro attached to the back

Sometimes, toddlers just need something to do, and this busy board will keep them occupied while you’re finishing up dinner.

8. Wooden Ring

8 1 - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Making a wooden ring is easier than it sounds, and it’s the perfect holiday or birthday gift for a girl or boy. If you want to give someone something special and homemade, a wooden ring is the perfect choice.

This easy project is perfect for beginners that are ready to get started making their own woodworking projects.

First, you need a piece of wood that is large enough to go around the finger. Then, cut it to the thickness that you want the ring to be.

After that, you should have a nice little circle of wood. Using a drill, make a hole in the center of the piece of wood.

Continue to use the drill to gradually make the hole bigger until the piece of wood will fit onto a finger. Now, you have created your first wooden ring!

9. Cutting Board

9a - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Making your own cutting board is the perfect DIY project for young chefs. The great thing about making one of these yourself is that you can make it the size and color you want instead of shopping for a cutting board for hours.

This is an easy project for kids, and they’ll learn some of the basics of woodworking. As a bonus, it doesn’t involve power tools.

Go to your local home supply store, and pick up a piece of wood. You can buy the piece of wood in the size that you want it, or have them cut it to the size that you want it. It doesn’t matter which way you do it.

Then, sand down the edges to get a nice, rounded look. After that, apply your stain and coating and you’re done!

Don’t forget to waterproof it though!

Woodworking projects don’t get easier than this one.

10. Artwork

10a - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Using natural wood to create artwork will give your home a nice, rustic look. You’ll need a piece of wood and your art supplies for this one.

Here are some great ideas for rustic artwork:

  • Pick up some stencils and make a pallet that says love, hope, or family.
  • Glue flowers onto the piece of wood in between the letters.
  • Make a picture of your kid’s handprints (don’t forget to include the date).
  • Get a lamp and stand in front of the piece of wood so that a shadow of your head can be seen on the wood. Then, trace your silhouette. After tracing it, paint it. The result will be a perfect painting of your silhouette. Put yourself and your husband on the outside with silhouettes of your children in the middle!

Creating your own artwork can be as simple as painting a word on a piece of wood, or as time-consuming and artistic as painting a gorgeous landscape. Let your creativity take control with this one.

11. Mirror art

11 1 - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Creating your own mirror art with a piece of wood is a nice craft for preschoolers. It only takes a small amount of time, which makes it great for children with short attention spans. You only need three supplies for this woodworking project.

You will need your piece of wood, glue, and mirrors. We suggest using mirrors with a fun shape. Circle mirrors or heart-shaped mirrors are a great choice.

After you have your supplies together, have your son or daughter put glue on the back of the mirrors. You can then help them put them in place on the wood.

This simple craft project will add a touch of chic style to any country home. It’s also one of the perfect projects for getting your child interested in doing more crafts.

12. Welcome Sign

12 1 - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

A welcome sign is another easy DIY project to get younger children more interested in woodworking. This beginner project is ideal for anyone that wants an adorable sign to hang by their door.

All you need is paint, stencils, and one piece of wood. Using the stencils, paint the word “welcome” on the wood, and then hang it up by your door.

It will give your home a welcoming, warm appeal and will instantly impress visitors.

If you have a younger child or a child with ADHD, this project will accommodate their short attention span.

13. Shelves

13a - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Every child loves to decorate their room, and every child wants to have a room that looks nice. Help get them involved in woodworking by giving them some DIY projects to make their room look nice.

Making a shelf is one of the easiest woodworking projects you are going to come across. You can do this with a piece of scrap wood for a nice rustic look. You can also have a local home supply store cut the wood for you so that all you need to do is sand it down and paint it.

This is an exceptional idea for kids that are a bit too young to work with power tools just yet. They can learn to sand and paint from this project, and they’ll be excited to help decorate their room.

14. Planter box

14a - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families
Making a planter box has never been easier. This simple DIY project is a great idea if you have a child that wants to grow a garden or plant some flowers.

Making a planter box has never been easier. This simple DIY project is a great idea if you have a child that wants to grow a garden or plant some flowers.

They can grow small tomato plants in their new planter box, or put some flowers in it to be put on display in the kitchen.

To make a small planter box, you will need four pieces of wood for the sides, and another four pieces of wood for the ends. You will also need some glue, a hammer, nails, and a larger piece of wood for the bottom of the planter box.

To start, glue two of the side and end pieces of wood to the bottom. You can also secure these to the bottom with a couple of braces and a hammer and nails. It does not matter which way you do it.

After that, secure the remaining pieces of wood on top of the sides and ends to make the box taller. This can also be done with braces, a hammer and nails, or some glue.

After you’re done with this step, your new planter box is good to go. You can personalize it by adding some cute, stenciled letters on the side of the box or by painting it your child’s favorite color.

15. Shadow Box Art

15a - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

This craft is surprisingly like the one listed above. To make shadow box art, you want to make a box just like the one above, but you don’t add the extra pieces of wood at the end to make it taller.

Instead, you leave it the same height that it already is. After that, paint the small box the color that you want. Then, it’s time to get started on the inside with your new wall art.

Putting letters inside is a simple and easy idea. These can be purchased at your local craft store, and they aren’t expensive.

After you purchase the letters, paint or stain them the color that you would like. Then, glue them inside of the box and hang it on your wall.

Let your creativity run wild with this awesome idea. Spell out “LOVE” in large block letters for an impressive look. Use contrasting colors like pink and black or black and white to make your new craft stand out. The possibilities are endless.

16. Coat hook plaque

16 1 - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Creating a coat hook plaque is a great way to give the kids somewhere to hang up their coats without putting holes in the walls. This easy DIY woodworking project for kids will not take long to finish, and there are not a lot of tools that it requires.

To avoid using a saw, head over to your local hardware store and have them cut you a piece of wood. You want to make it about ¾ inch thick to make sure that the hooks do not poke through the back of the board.

Some people have done this project using ½ thick wood, but we prefer ¾ inch.

After you have purchased the wood you will need, browse through the various hooks that are available and pick out the perfect ones.

After you get home, all you have to do is drill a couple of holes and screw in the hooks.

This basic DIY project is a nice idea for kids that are just learning to use a drill. They will immediately love the fact that their latest project has a spot on the living room wall.

17. Wall letters

17a - Woodworking Projects – 17 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids and Families

Wall letters remain a popular choice for decorating. Some families will hang the first letter of their last name on the wall. Other home decorators prefer to make their own wall letters to spell out words, such as family, live, dream, imagine, etc.

This idea for how to make your own wall letters will work perfectly for both ideas. All you need is a saw and some scrap wood.

First, decide on the letter you want to make. After that, carefully come up with your design. Make several bevel cuts in the wood so that it will all fit together. As you cut the smaller pieces of wood, fit them together to make sure that they will fit together to form the letter when you are done.

If this sounds complicated, draw a stencil of the letter on a large piece of poster board. Then, after you cut the pieces of wood, lay them on the stencil to form the letter.

After you’re done cutting the wood, nail or glue the pieces together to form the letter and then hang it on the wall.

This is a great way to make some use out of pieces of scrap wood that you have laying around. You can tear apart old chairs, etc. for this project as well to cut down on costs.

Creating your own wall letters is another great way to help someone learn how to work a saw. This project will have your teenage son making bevel cuts like a professional by the time he’s finished.

Bring the Family Together With Woodworking Projects

Woodworking with kids is a fun, easy way to get them out of the house while making your home look nicer. Your kids will learn a hobby that they will love for a lifetime, and you’ll have memories that are so heart-warming they will never fade away.


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